FAQ – Frequent Asked Questions

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Hot Lava and KARMA by Hot Lava. We have divided the questions into different categories. If your question is not listed here, you can always send us a message with the question via the contact form.

Our products

Our crochet products are made entirely by hand and are supplied here by exclusive and expensive items. Every item is spent with great care and time.

Avoid contact with zippers and buttons. Never cut loose threads. This way you reduce the risk of damage to your valuable handmade product.

We recommend hand washing the crocheted product.

  • Make sure you use a mild washing powder / detergent and cold / lukewarm water. Make soapy water with cold / lukewarm water and detergent (fine wash / wool wash)
  • Immerse the product in the cold water. Do this without rubbing or wringing.
  • Rinse the water and add cold / lukewarm water again, so that the product can be washed out well. Repeat the rinsing until no more detergent comes out of the product and the water is clear.
  • Pick up the product carefully and in its entirety when moving. Squeeze gently without wringing most of the water out of the product and use a dry towel when drying the pnpoud.
  • Lay the product flat on an absorbent towel.
  • Roll up the towel and press it firmly, making sure the towel does not pinch Place the product on a flat surface
  • Make sure that the product is unfolded properly so that it returns to its own shape.
  • Dry the product for at least 24 hours.
  • When it is completely dry, fold the product. Never hang a crocheted product. because of this it loses its shape.

    Enjoy your valuable purchase Made with love and wear with joy Hand wash 

To keep your handmade slippers and sandals happy for as long as possible, please pay attention to our comments and advice.

– Leather is a natural product. Small differences in color or irregularities confirm the natural quality.
– Vegan suede is imitation leather with the luxurious appearance and feels nice and soft.

If slippers or sandals have become wet due to rain, simply allow them to dry at room temperature.


All service runs through the retailer / store of purchase. We therefore ask you not to send any clothing to us. But to contact the store.

If you bought at our webshop, please go to this page, and fill in the form.

If the items are returned within 14 days, unworn, undamaged and in the original packaging, you will receive a full refund.
If we do not receive the return in good condition (see return conditions), we cannot credit the amount, but in most cases you will receive a shop credit.

No, the costs for sending your return package to Hot Lava are for your own account. 

Job Opportunities

During each year we have different periods with places available for internships (in the field of fashion, marketing)

At this moment there are no vacancies. But you can always send an open application.

Acquisition is not appreciated!

Delivery / Shipments

The shipping costs and the delivery time depends on your country but if you fill in the adress in the check-out, you will find the shipping costs for you. 

Orders placed before 16:00 will most likely be shipped out same day.

  • The delivery time depends on your country but within 1-3 days your order will be delivered.

*Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and the accompanying measures, which we have to take into account, we have to deal with logistical challenges and are dependent on hauliers with extra heavy traffic, which can cause your package to be delayed. We hope for your patience and understanding

We do ship worldwide (for resellers only). We use DHL parcel/express, UPS, PostNL. Once we send out the goods, you’ll receive a mail with track&trace. Contact us if you need more info.


You can use our store locator to find the nearest store. Or check one of the webshops, most of them will ship worldwide.

You can ask your shop to order this item from Hot Lava. If this is not possible you can contact us, so we can check who sells this item.

Please use our contact form, and lets find out te possiblities together.

Hot Lava