Clutch Bora Bora Mint & Necklace La Plage Natural & Bracelet La Plage Assorti

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Clutch Bora Bora Mint ERB10576mi
Necklace La Plage Natural ERB10763
Bracelet La Plage Assorti KR23310

Available sizes: One Size

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The Clutch Bora Bora is in the color Mint and is decorated with shells in the form of flowers. You can store all of your essentials in the clutch. Perfect for a day out! Necklace La Plage Natural is thin and made of rope. The bottom half of the necklace is made with multiple strings and those are decorated with seashells. It matches with the Bracelet La Plage, which is also decorated with seashells. The bracelets are available in multiple colors. Add them to your outfit to get the perfect beach look.

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