Blouse Ebony Moonstone Jeans and Short Ruffle Taupe

Blouse Ebony Moonstone Jeans YN2395je
Short Ruffle Taupe A23339ta
Necklace Shell Ebony Light ERB10849li
Bracelet Ebony Gold Assorti KR23313

Sizes: XS – XXXL

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Blouse Ebony Moonstone Jeans is a top with a deep V-neck. The blouse has flare sleeves with a slit. The sleeves and V-neck are embellished with cowrie shells and Gold-colored beads. The blouse is made of Rayon Voile and every bead is stitched by hand. Blouse Ebony has a hand dyed tie-dye print. Short Ruffle Taupe are simple shorts. They end with a cute ruffle. The Short Ruffle is available in multiple colors like Taupe. Match the blouse and shorts for a day into the city!