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Top Bibienne & Skirt Desert Long Oval

“The Top Bibienne” has a lovely color, the top is also availabe in many other colors. The off-the-shoulder top has a nice fit, thanks to the flowy thin fabric.

Productcode: A1858dl
Model: Top Bibienne in Dusty Lilac
Available colors: Dusty Lilac, Vanilla, White, Powder Pink, Ivory, Rusty, Jeans, Barely Green, Baby Taupe
Fabric: Rayon Voile


One of our beautiful basics. This skirt is flowy and perfect for warm weather. The Dusty Lilac colored Desert print gives the skirt a more edgy look. It can also be worn as a dress.

Productcode: WP1866dl
Model: Skirt Desert Long Oval in Dusty Lilac
Available colors: Dusty Lilac, Earth, Barely Green, Grey, Jeans, Rusty, Earth
Fabric: Rayon Voile

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