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Top Jill Jeans & Skirt Desert Crochet

A must-have in everybody’s wardrobe. “The top Jill” in the color jeans has a jeans colored lace strap in the middle. The top is handmade, has a lovely fit and small shoulder straps.

Productcode: W1810je/je
Model: Top Jill in Jeans
Available colors:  Jeans/Jeans, White/White
Fabric: Rayon Voile


A real beauty, our “skirt Desert Crochet” has a lovely jeans colored print and has crochet at the top. The front is shorter than the back, which gives the skirt a playful look. All our products are fully handmade.

Productcode: WP1860je
Model: Skirt Desert Crochet in Jeans
Available colors: Jeans, Barely Green, Earth, Grey, Rusty
Fabric: Rayon Voile


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