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Blouse Hippie Dream Short Red & Skirt S.K.

A beautiful off-shoulder blouse with details on the sleeves. The colored blouse is short so you will show a little bit of belly.

Productcode: A1872re
Model: Blouse Hippie Dream Short in Red
Available colors: Red, White, Ivory, Vanilla
Fabric:  Rayon Voile


This lovely handmade skirt in the color white is short in the front and long on the back. This gives the Skirt S.K. a graceful and flowy effect. The bottom of the skirt is finished with red colored embroidery.

Productcode: A1810wh/re
Model: Skirt S.K. in White/Red
Available colors: White/Red, Army/Ivory
Fabric:  Rayon Voile

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